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Make sure that your pet has all the food that it needs by getting an automatic pet feeder to use on a regular basis. Here on our website we offer a wide range of different types of automatic feeders including an automatic pet feeder manual style where food rolls into a dish from a large storage space. You’ll also be able to find some different types of feeders that allow certain portions to be released to pets at certain times so that they are constantly fed the right amount, even if you aren’t home to feed them. There is even an intelligent pet bowl that will help you to check how much food your pet is eating each day so that you can tell if they are getting enough or even too much.

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Petmate Le Bistro Feeder Medium Bleached Linen 6.77" x 11.41" x 11.93"

A durable, plastic base holds a container filled with your pet’s favorite kibble that self-fills the base when food levels get low. Made with Microban antimicrobial that protects against the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Available in 4 sizes and various colors. Complimenting waterer also available.


  • Medium: 6.8" x 11.4" x 11.9"

Our Price: $17.69
Bergan Elite Gourmet Feeder 13 Lbs Navy Blue

Meant to match your pet feeding area while bringing ease and simplicity to the whole process, the Elite and Petite feeding and watering units will keep the essentials coming…even when you’re not home. Meant for the larger pet, the Elite feeder automatically dispenses up to 13 lbs of food and the waterer automatically dispenses 3 gallons of water. For the smaller pets, the Petite feeder automatically dispenses 6 lbs of food and the waterer dispenses 1.5 gallons. Detachable towers making cleaning a breeze.

Our Price: $18.55
Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl Black 1 Liter


Quick Overview
The intelligent Pet Bowl is a revolutionary product which combines a pet bowl with an electronic scales.
To control the food quantity you give to your pet is a major concern. Today, many of our pets suffer from obesity, what may have serious consequences and lead to reducing their lifetime (osteo-articular diseases, intolerance to effort, cardiopulmonary problems, and so on). You can directly pour food in your pet’s bowl and adjust immediately the food quantity recommended for his diet. Approximate weighing with a measuring cup are over!

  • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
  • Weight indication to within 1 gram
  • Graduations in g, ml (liquids), lb:oz, fl. oz
  • Easy maintenance
  • Bowl is made of stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1.8 liters (60 ounces), 800 grams (1.7lbs) of dry food
  • Our Price: $32.75
    Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Cat Bowl Bleached Linen

    Quick Overview

    The Deluxe Fresh Flow is a purifying pet fountain providing filtered water throughout the day.
    Perfect for multiple cat or dog households that love fresh flowing water, this award-winning fountain features continuous circulating water and a unique, patented no-splash water-slide. The re-circulating flow and filter provides naturally cool and oxygenated water, attracting pets to drink more in order to help promote their health and well-being. The Deluxe Fresh Flow has a modern design created to blend in with today’s kitchen appliances. Available in 2 colors and 2 sizes, each unit comes with a replaceable charcoal filter. Change filter every 30 days to ensure
  • 108oz: 14.1" x 10.1" x 7.7"
  • 50oz: 10.9" x 7.6" x 5.2"
  • Our Price: $38.60
    K&H Pet Products Clean Flow Bowl with Reservoir

    It filters a full bowl up to 130 times per hour through charcoal that helps remove impurities. Keeping water fresh with the CleanFlow Water Filter invites more water consumption to help keep pet healthy. Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe. Available with or without the reservoir tank. Conversion kit also available separately if you need to upgrade the standard unit to a reservoir unit. CUL-listed pump. Two-year warranty.


    • Filters contents up to 130 times per hour.
    • Available with or without additional reservoir tank
    • Charcoal filter helps remove impurities.
    • Invites more water consumption.
    • Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe.
    • Full 2-year warranty

    Our Price: $42.75
    PetSafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder Blue 11" x 8" x 2"

    Designed to prevent curious pets from breaking in, the Digital 2-Meal Feeder helps control portions and prevent overeating. It is battery operated with a sleek, compact design that will fit anywhere in the home. The Digital 2-Meal Feeder helps establish healthy eating routines and gives pet parents peace of mind that their pet has been fed whether they are at home or away.

    List Price: $44.95
    Our Price: $44.95
    Bergan K-9 Cafe Tray Pack Gray/Navy Blue

    Quick Overview

    Ideal for the large outdoor pet, the K-9 Café automatically dispenses 25 lbs of food and 5 gallons of water.


    Feeding and watering made easy while contents are sealed inside until your pet decides to eat. The K-9 Café offers automatic feeding of 25 lbs. of dog food, but with a snap-on base that holds 5 gallons of water, as well. Designed for the larger breed dog; this is great for kennels and breeders.

    Additional Informat

    Dimensions Length26
    Dimensions Width23.25
    Dimensions Height15

    Our Price: $62.95
    Eyenimal Electronic Automatic Pet Feeders Eyenimal Electronic Automatic Pet Feeders

    Pets need to be fed several times a day at a steady rate. This is a daily problem that any master has to solve when he is busy or away in the day. This programmable dispenser also allows you to control the obesity of some pets. For a balanced diet, you can easily program up to 3 meals for your pet. Pet Feeder can store up to 5kg (11lb) of dry food. Suitable for cats and small dogs.


    • Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
    • Up to 3 meals per day
    • Adjustable quantity of food per meal depending on your pet’s needs
    • Easy maintenance
    • Dimensions: 22.4 x 47.3 x 27.4 cm assembled (8.82" x 10.78" x 18.62")
    • Capacity: the tank can store up to 5kg (11lb) dry food
    • Power: requires 3 1.5V D-LR20. Batteries NOT included
    • Material : food safe-plastic

    Our Price: $67.98
    Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Feeder 10 lbs Large Black 9.8" x 14.3" x 16.88"

    Not only does this automatic feeder reliably deliver portion-controlled meals while you are away, it also eliminates the daily chore of scooping and measuring. The stylishly designed feeder features a large LCD screen and built-in meal counter and holds 5 or 10 pounds of food. With three simple buttons, you can easily program your feeder to dispense the right amount of food for your pet at the right times throughout the day. The food hopper is conveniently transparent for monitoring food levels at a glance and has a handy twist-lock lid to keep food fresh and secure. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning and is top-shelf dishwasher safe. Item is battery operated.

    Our Price: $79.99

    As you look through the different kinds of automatic feeders that we offer here on our website, consider your needs and the needs of your pet as well. You’ll be able to find a huge assortment of high quality items that are the perfect ones that you can use when taking care of your pet. Whether you need a feeder to feed your pet when you are away or just want to make feeding your pet easier, you’ll love the different kinds of feeders that we offer. Browse our entire selection and choose the feeders that are best for you to use. For other great feeding and watering options, shop other areas of our website where you’ll find a 16 inch dog feeder and some different Fresh Flow pet fountain options.